BURNING BUSH: The broken television (God TV is the best!)



1. Oops! / The team of workers who renovated my balcony seem to have scratched the TV screen as they carried their stuff out earlier. 2. Hello! Your workmen have made a nasty-looking mark on my TV screen. / You can’t prove it. We won’t pay for the damage.



1. Does the warranty cover this kind of damage? / No. 2. Can the TV screen be fixed? / Probably, but it will cost at least as much as a new TV. / Could you please come and see if the TV could be repaired?



1. Is there anything you can do? 2. Yes. / Scratch! Scratch! / It’s just candle wax.



1. Now I remember. Last night I had a candle burning next to the television. / The candle just wouldn’t go out no matter how hard I blew. / That’s funny. 2. 40 euros.

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