1. Your erection was very good yesterday. 2. Thanks.





1. Alien. / I’ve been thinking. / We should have a baby and start a family. / Alright. / What kind of baby would you like? / A small one. 2. How many kids are we going to have? / Two or three. Four is too many. One girl and one boy at least. If we’ll have only one, it should be a girl. Girls are easier. / Oh?


1. If we can’t have a baby of our own, we’ll adopt. If we’ll adopt a child, it could be a little bit older. One that can already walk. If we can’t adopt, then we can get a dog. A short-haired Chihuahua. But I’d rather have a child than any pet. / We could also buy our own house. / Have you won the lottery? We don’t have any money. 2. Aw! / You can dream, can’t you! / A house of our own in a beautiful spot by the lake. The kind of house that we wouldn’t have a need for a summer cottage. / The house needn’t be that big. I used to think that a single-story house would be best. / I saw this movie on tv once. The killer was hiding upstairs and phoned downstairs. Now that I have gotten over it, a two-story house seems like the top choice.


1. The house should have a huge living room, dining room, sauna and a balcony. A big bedroom with plenty of space to lounge about. A nice little yard where one can cook in the summertime. And a separate wood-heated sauna by the lake. / And a library room, of course. And Yki Nummi’s lamps, Kukkapuro’s Carousel chair and Aarnio’s Pony. 2. We should also buy a new car. / I want a vintage Citroen BX GTI or XM V6. / Those are both ugly, too big and burn an awful lot of fuel. / C4 is better.


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