Matti Hagelbergin ufohavainto.

The UFO incident of Österby

Matti Hagelberg


My mother and I were walking our usual route from Svartvik to Österby via Säflax road and from there via Österby road to our house. We had just turned to Österby road and started walking down the hill. The view to Oitbacka’s direction was unobstructed for about a kilometer or so. The road went around the forest and after a curve turned towards Aho’s house.

Just above there, or approximately over Puna-aho road, a dark round object was hovering.

-Look, a UFO, I said.

-So it is, answered my mother.

Our view of the hovering object was partially hindered by an old barn and trees growing around it. We started walking faster in hopes of getting a closer look, but after the curve we noticed that the object had vanished into thin air. It had flown away or landed somewhere. The sky above us was empty.

This happened in the early 1990’s. It was an afternoon in the village of Österby. It was spring or autumn. The weather was windless and the sky was cloudy, but visibility was good. The object was motionless, but vanished while our visual contact to it was temporarily obstructed. It was about the size of a hot-air balloon, but below hung no strings nor a basket. The color of the object was dark, somewhat brown. So far no natural explanation has come up for our sighting. I can’t say we haven’t tried to think up one, though.

– Or tried and tried… Why try to deny it… A UFO was what it was and that’s final.


2 Responses to “UFO-KERHO osa 5”

  1. IQXS Says:

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  2. daada Says:

    Ihan hauska sivusto. Näyttää maailmalla tapahtuvan vaikka meillä on ollut pitkään hiljaista.

    Tässä yksi ufotapaus Lahdessa:

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