WILD MAN OF THE WEST. Pokemon eggs – 40% 


1. Use a turn signal! 2. It’s none of your business where I’m going, you homo! 









1. Outta my way! / I´m on my way to buy Pokemon eggs. 2. Yay! I got Pikachu!


1. But… What the devil?! Sure is poorly made. Pikachu shouldn’t have ears like that. / This one also has a collar and the tail is all wrong. Looks like some bootleg rip-off to me. / And I immediately got two of these. / What a disappointment! 2. It seems the other figures are designed much better.


1. Hey, now I got another Pikachu and it looks just the way it should! / Aha! The ones I got earlier weren’t Pikachus after all. / Dammit! / Pikachu is so cool!! 2. I choose you Pikachu!


1. Agony! / I keep getting the same characters over and over again. 2. I’ve already got five of this retarded looking one! / Pikachu and Psyduck are the best! / I want Psyduck!



1. Now I got Psyduck! / What a relief. 2. Charmander.


1. I’m still four figures short of a complete collection. 2. Hooray! / At last! / Now I have them all!


2. I had to purchase 3,25 Pokemon eggs per every different figure in my collection. There were three eggs in every set, so to collect all the characters I had to buy 21,7 sets. / What to do with all those figures and eggs?


1. Eight and a half months later.


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