PUMP UP THE JAM (Marko Turunen & Annemari Hietanen)


1. There was a disco and alcohol was served. 2. Two girls were interested in me but I wasn´t attracted to them. I tried to be friendly though.


1. My favourite of the classic chocolate bars is DaCapo, followed by Pätkis and Jim. Suffeli is also nice. / DaCapo is a musical term and means repetition. I was on music class. I played the violin and tap-danced. 2. I noticed that Alien was watching another girl.


1. I bet she was a drug addict. 2. How can Alien be so stupid?! / I got upset.


1. Although I only used my left hand, the girl was unable to defend herself.


2. Alien understood instantly how much he loves me and how his life would be empty and meaningless without me. / That´s what happened.


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