1. Have you seen Alien? / Last week he borrowed The Whole Story cd by Kate Bush from me and I want it back. 2. I lent him a chainsaw but I need it myself. / I am looking for him too. Alien promised to give me a hand with the housework. I need him to vacuum the apartment, fold some clothes, sweep the dust, take out the garbage, air the bedding, do the laundry and cook salmon soup. / I´ll call him.


1. Alien, come home! 2. Come at once! / I want my cd back! / And I want my chainsaw! / It´s terribly cold out here but I don´t have the courage to go home.


1. Why are you hiding in the woods? 2. I don´t dare to go home. / It´s too hot where I live. / Really? Want to trade places?


1. I´ve always wanted to live in an apartment house. 2. Here are the keys.


1. Soon. / You look exactly like me. Nobody will suspect a thing. / Likewise. 2. A moment later. / So there you are Alien. Everybody´s been looking for you.


1. Meanwhile elsewhere. / Ah, it´s so warm! 2. This is child´s play.


1. I’m having a blast! 2. I really do enjoy cooking.


1. While the salmon soup is cooking, I´ll have time to air the bedding. 2. Snif. / Snif. / Strange odor.


1. The soup is burning and I am starving! 2. Ring! / Someone´s at the door.


1. I came for my chainsaw. / Oh. Sorry I forgot about it. / Wait a sec. 2. I wonder where I keep it. / Have you lost your memory? You look strange.


1. There. 2. Alien! / Give me back that Kate Bush cd I lent you! / Certainly.


1. The Devil hasn´t had time to listen to the record so he wouldn´t like to give it back just yet. / It would have been better if you´d come tomorrow. 2. The Garbage! / In a minute! Now I´m busy!


1. This is unbearable! / Being Alien isn´t fun at all! The windows are drafty and the radiator in the toilet is cold. / I am fed up with this! 2. I´ll try to persuade Alien to change back.


1. Alien has had enough also. Life in Hell is weary. 2. Such a relief to get back home.


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