1. 24.38 euros. / Sailor och Pekka is a bargain at the The Academic Bookstore in Helsinki. 2. I would like to buy Sailor och Pekka trilogi, please. / I’ll check the computer.


1. We don’t have it in stock at the moment, but I can order a copy for you. You can also order it yourself in the internet. / Is there a difference between these options? / No. I’ll just fill in these forms and make the order. 2. Thanks.


1. Two weeks later. / Sailor och Pekka! 2. What’s this? / 43.50 euros! / I’ll call the bookstore.


1. I received my copy of Sailor och Pekka trilogi today and it was supposed to cost 24.38 euros but the invoice including postage is 43.50 euros! No postage can be that much. / 24.38 if I order through the internet? But the salesperson said… 2. I can send the book back and order it again in the internet? Can’t you just refund me the difference so we wouldn’t have to send the book back and forth? / No? / But it would be absurd to send the book back to Helsinki and order it again. / Alright. I’ll send the book as soon as possible.


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